Geospatial Imagery

True West is equipped to capture and provide customized aerial imagery and specializes in large landscape orthographic projects for digital mapping and vegetation analysis. True West can deliver an array of high-resolution imagery products ranging from natural color base-maps to infrared crop and rangeland analysis, and 3D modeling. We take a careful approach to project planning and can produce cost-effective aerial acquisition services. With advanced camera technology and versatile aircraft we complete projects others cannot. For more information on our geospatial capabilities and for a quote on your project please contact us.

Photography & Video

Aerial photography is a synchronized integration of art and science. It’s much more than snapping a picture or a few moments of video out the window of an airplane. To capture our oblique aerial photography, True West Aerial blends sophisticated flying techniques with technical image capture methodology. We utilize modern image stabilization technology and top of the line photographic and video equipment.  These types of projects call for a keen photographer’s eye to “see” a distinctive image and then require the unique ability to situate the aircraft in the right location and position for the shooter to capture the shot. Photo and video projects are orchestrated to be highly efficient and we develop a step by step plan in order to maximize time in the air and ensure we capture the image we are after.    


Monitoring land is no simple task. On foot, this important job often takes many hours or even days. Monitoring property from the air changes this and makes the endeavor much more efficient and enjoyable. True West Aerial works with organizations and individuals upfront to simplify and streamline the process so that once in the air there is no question as to what needs to be done. We use industry leading mapping software to outline your subject property or pinpoint areas of interest before we ever leave the ground. Then, once airborne these maps and locations are loaded onto a tablet with specialized moving-map and GIS field-recording software that allows us to see our exact location as it relates to a property or area of interest. Photos can be captured and geo-tagged, and notes can be made and integrated into the report. What once took several grueling days can now be done easily and better in just a few hours.

Survey & Research

There is no better way to look at land or examine environmental features than by air. Whether its just getting familiar with a lay of land from high above, or getting down and dirty to obtain wildlife counts or examine ecosystem health, the way to approach these types of projects is from above. An aerial perspective allows for a wider picture and reveals how a land tract is integrated into its surroundings. It shows how an intrusive or unnatural feature can reverberate throughout the environment all around it, or reveal a disruption to an ecosystem or habitat. Whatever you need to survey True West Aerial can partner with you to accomplish your research goals.