True West Aerial – The Land From Above

True West aims to give an increased awareness and understanding of important landscapes by providing an aerial perspective that allows for more efficient and effective analysis, while contributing to the overall management and stewardship of Western lands.
True West understands the important roles of private, public, and conserved lands throughout the American West and works to help ensure their legacy persists with a healthy and sustainable future.
True West works to shift typical industry expectations to yield high quality and custom-tailored solutions, all while maintaining an economical and approachable process. We do this by utilizing deep knowledge and experience, high-performance equipment, and cutting edge technology.

What We Do

Geospatial Imagery

Digital mapping solutions.

Aerial Orthographic Imagery

Detailed aerial imagery to map and track land features from above.


A platform for aerial photography and video.

Photography & Video

Obtain a superior perspective to produce stunning and revealing images.


Land stewardship practices from the air.

Stewardship Simplified

Make land inspections simple and efficient.

Survey & Research

Observe trends and record data with ease.

Observation by Air

Understand and study ecological issues with more clarity.